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Kate's Journal

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**UPDATED June, 2006**
K. now has a permanent, full-time job! With health/life insurance! And free tuition! And a subsidized commuter rail pass! And her supervisor's supervisor's supervisors do a far better job of masking their hate for their underlings than her previous official job did [the temp positions don't count].

Still no boyfriend, though.

An intensive, four-year stint in college has earned K. a new degree, a new nickname, lots and lots of shiny new student loan debts....but not a new job. Unless you count a temp position in a major metropolitan Ivy League university as a "job" job. If so, you're living in La-La Land because everyone knows that temp work is at the very bottom of the corporate workforce ladder, right underneath small-town newspaper reporter (which was K.'s previous job, incidentally).

This is the 3rd time K. has updated her LJ User Info to reflect sweeping life changes. Or possibly the fourth.